There may come a time when your client will say, “I just gave this house three stars, I love it! Check it out and let’s see it ASAP!”. You smile and tell the client you’ll make the arrangements, but internally you’re thinking I only see Favorites! How do I see starred listings from my clients’ portal?

Stress no more, let’s review how you can see favorites and starred rankings from your clients’ portal.

Client Portal – What You See


Screenshot of the Portal Listing Collection folders in Contact Management

Client Portal – What They See

screenshot of stars in client portal

When in Contact Management, select the client in question. In their account, click on Portal. Next to the shopping cart image, click Saved. You will then be able to see the client portal through their eyes!

Super Using view for Agent

This process is called Super-Using and it’s a great way to confirm three-starred and two-starred listings. As a bonus, you can save or print the starred favorites for your next steps. When done Super-Using, be sure to click Return to Contact Management to end the session.

return to contact management screenshot

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