Ever feel like you’re going crazy trying to complete a simple task and just can’t figure it out? In Flexmls that task is often deleting saved searches. We’re here to save your sanity with a tutorial on how to delete saved searches.

Deleting Saved Searches

Go to the Menu at the top left of your screen. In the search section, click on Saved Searches. Find the search you wish to delete and you will see a small box with three dots all the way to the right. Click on the dots and one choice will be Delete. Click Delete and you will be asked if you are sure. If you are, go ahead and click Yes, I’m sure. 

If you’d like to delete multiple searches at once, click on the square to the left of the search name and a Delete button will appear at the top. It’s that easy!

screenshot of saved searches in Flexmls

For more help with saving searches, watch this video.