The City/Town Code, School and ZIP Code fields relied on proper spelling in searches, potentially causing search errors. Now, whether searching or adding a listing, you may have noticed an improvement to these fields under General Property Description.

Why did these fields change?

A helpful suggestion by a subscriber lead to an exploration of how these fields work. These changes simplify searching, improve search accuracy and adding a listing by requiring less clicks. This smarter lookup method makes it faster and easier to find the correct City/Town, ZIP Code and school.

The previous methods were cumbersome with extra typing and clicking. Without the pick-list function, it was difficult to input information without knowing the correct city spelling or ZIP code. In addition, the list of schools was continuously growing, making it harder to find the one you were looking for.

City/Town Code AutoFill

The search field for city now displays a pick-list of Arizona cities/towns, as well as auto-populating as you start to type in the search field.

screenshot letters Sco-finding city town with spelling name

City/Town Code Pick-List

screenshot of AZ city/town code pick list options

ZIP Code Field

For changes to the ZIP Code field, you can choose from a pick-list, type in a full ZIP code, or find via Map Areas Overlay. Additionally, after typing in a city in the City/Town Code, Flexmls will show ZIP codes only for your chosen cities.

General Property Description (Schools)

When adding the field General Property Description (schools), you can enter two or more characters to begin the auto-fill process rather than using a completed drop-down list.

screenshot of schools autofill in flex mls

We hope you enjoy these changes and that they help you navigate Flexmls easier.

ARMLS offers various Flexmls online classes that you can view in our class catalog. Be sure to check them out to learn all the ways you can use Flexmls!