Whether or not to disable a lockbox while the listing is Temporary off Market is up to you. As long as the status is TOM, you can keep the lockbox where it is or remove it for the time being.

Per the ARMLS Rules and Regulations (section 13.5), a lockbox must be removed from the property within two days once the listing status is changed to sold, leased, cancelled or expired. However, there is no rule for keeping or removing it while Temp Off Market.

Screenshot of Temporary Off Market status

It’s important to note that Temp Off Market will stop the Days on Market (CDOM) from accumulating, but it will not be reset to zero when it’s back on the market. The only way for the listing to appear as zero days is to actually remove it from Flexmls for a period of ninety days. By re-listing it on the ninety-first day, the listing will then be reset to zero days on market.