It’s a common buyer request, “I want to live near work!” The quickest and most effective way to do this is with a radius search.

Doing a Radius Search

To start, click on the red push pin on the right side of the map, enter your address and select Radius Search.

Create your radius by clicking on the start point (this will be the center) and dragging your mouse outwards. After you’ve created the radius, the listings within that radius will appear. You can always input additional criteria into the searching fields to narrow down the listings to your buyer’s specific requirements.

Other reasons to perform a Radius Search might include finding active listings within a mile of where you’re hosting an open house, finding comps in relation to a subject property or to find listings that are not within a particular Radius. For example, someone has indicated that they do not want to live within five miles of the airport, simply create your Radius with the airport as your starting point then click the Within button on the top left of your searching screen twice until it reaches Not Within.