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ShowingTime, our new showing request management system, is up and running. As more and more Subscribers learn the system, understanding these five popular functions can help ensure you have a smooth experience using ShowingTime.

  1. ShowingVoice Prompts
    • The prompt is programmed to start when it hears your voice (it’s voice-activated), so be sure to say “hello” to get it started when you answer.
  2. Reduce Your Emails/Notifications
    • You can choose which notification emails or communications you receive by checking or unchecking the each box under “My Agent Setup” in ShowingTime.
  3. Sending Notifications to a Co-Lister
    • Under “Listing Setup”, select the listing you want and then click “Add New Co-Listing Agent”.
  4. Updating Your Profile in ShowingTime
    • ShowingTime will auto-populate your contact information from Flexmls the first time you log in. Once you’ve logged in, you can manually change any profile information. Updating your contact information in Flexmls will not update your profile in ShowingTime if you’ve modified any of the pre-populated contact fields.
  5. Showing Instructions in Flexmls vs ShowingTime
    • The showing instruction functionality in ShowingTime is similar to those in Flexmls but function differently. They are an added convenience but since ShowingTime isn’t mandatory, those showing instructions are informational only. In contrast, Flexmls showing instructions are binding (subject to penalties and fines) and should be viewed before entering a property.