On December 15, a new sub-status of Active called CCBS (Contract Contingent on Buyer Sale) will be available in Flexmls. CCBS is for listings whose Sellers wish to obtain backup offers and make explicit that the contract they have accepted is contingent on the buyer selling their current property.

This sub-status is optional. Listings that have a buyer sale contingency are not required to be placed in CCBS. Similar to UCB, the seller must be accepting backup offers to utilize this status. Listings in CCBS will accrue days on market as a sub-status of Active.

Screenshot of the CCBS status selected in a search.

How to Add the CCBS Sub-Status to a Listing

On the Change Listing page, click Add UCB or CCBS.

Screenshot of the Add UCB or CCBS option.

Select CCBS in the first field and complete the required fields.

Screenshot of the UCB or CCBS field with CCBS selected.

Click Save to review the changes and click Save again to confirm and apply the changes.