We talk a lot about what to put in Flexmls. But what’s just as important are all of the things that cannot go in the MLS. That’s what all the rules and regulations are about. In order to provide the best data to all, it’s important to know and understand what can and cannot be shared in the mls.

10 Things That Cannot Go In The MLS

  1. Web addresses or phone numbers in the public remarks
  2. Advertising of a third party vendor
  3. Anything that could cause harm to the property or people living in the property i.e. alarm codes in the incorrect area
  4. An RV for sale
  5. Conditional commission comments
  6. Requiring the use of a specific title company
  7. Real estate signs that you can read any contact information on
  8. Incentives that deter someone from using their current agent because of said incentive
  9. Social Security numbers
  10. Public documents containing contact information

For more information on what can and cannot go in the MLS, see the Rules and Regulations.