Are you a Flexmls portal pro? If you’re not sure, then continue reading to learn some tips that will help you become one.

Naming Searches

Portals are based on searches that you set up for clients. When the client logs in to their portal, they are given access to the search or searches you’ve set up for them. Whatever name you gave those searches will be displayed prominently on the screen. So name your searches wisely!

Flexmls Portal Screenshot


Portal Preferences

You can control the information your clients can access through their portal by customizing the settings. Go to Portal Preferences in your Flexmls menu to see all setting options. Be aware that the settings you choose will apply to all client portals. So if you turn off open house notifications or access to tax information, that’s how all of your portals will be set until you make a change.

Flexmls Portal Preferences

Portal Invitation Email

Flexmls provides you with a default email that will be sent out when you set up a portal for a contact. It can be easily customized in Portal Preferences. It’s a good idea to keep the email brief and generic unless you plan to create a new one each time you set up a portal. Be sure to press Save when done creating your email!

Flexmls Portal Email

To learn more about setting up a Flexmls portal, take our online Subscriptions and Portals Course

Portal 2.0 Support

Portal 2.0 was introduced in November 2018. If you’re still using the older version of the portal, these videos can help you and your clients transition to the new one.

Portal 2.0 for Subscribers

Portal 2.0 for Clients

Written by Michele from ARMLS
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