Three years ago, ARMLS announced “Coming Soon” would replace the “Delayed” status. Here are some common questions the Support Team receives regarding the Coming Soon listing Status.

Question Answer
Are photos required for Coming Soon listings? Photos are not required in Coming Soon status. Your listing can be in a Coming Soon status for up to 30 days.
Question Answer
Is a yard sign required by ARMLS? No yard sign is required by ARMLS for a Coming Soon listing.
Question Answer
Does my Coming Soon listing need to be in that status for the full 30 days? You can manually change a  Coming Soon listing to Active at any time. Otherwise, on day 31, it automatically flips to Active status.
Question Answer
Can I list my rental, land or commercial properties as Coming Soon? The Coming Soon status is for residential properties only.
Question Answer
Can I share my Coming Soon listings? Yes. Coming Soon listings can be manually emailed and are included in Subscription notifications. You can also use the share function in Flexmls to text them to your clients.
Question Answer
I added the wrong price on my Coming Soon listing, can I change it? Yes! To modify the price on a Coming Soon listing, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Main Menu
  2. Select Change Listing under the Add/Change heading
  3. Select the Listing or enter the MLS number
  4. Select Change List Price
  5. Input the new List Price
  6. Click Save to confirm the change

We hope this helps clear the air on Coming Soon listings in Flexmls. Feel free to contact Support if you have additional questions.