Did you know that Arizona has strict disclosure requirements for properties that are subject to airport noise? While airport noise can be a nuisance and an inconvenience, it can also affect an owner’s enjoyment and use of a property. Arizona law requires sellers to disclose when a property is located within “territory in the vicinity of a military airport” or “territory in the vicinity of an ancillary military facility”. This alerts potential buyers as to whether a property is located within a high noise contour or an accident potential zone.

According to A.R.S. 28-8461, “territory in the vicinity” means that for Luke Air Force Base, the zone is ten miles to the north, south and west and four miles to the east parallel from the center of the main runway of the military airport.

The Arizona Department of Real Estate makes both military and public airport boundary maps available to the public. These maps show noise contours surrounding each airport.

Monsoon airport noise map

Finally, it’s important to make potential buyers aware of potential conflicts between a property’s location in a high noise contour or accident potential zone, because the the location may prevent the buyer from developing and using the property as desired. For example, vacant land in the vicinity of Luke Air Force Base may not be authorized for residential development due to its proximity to the airport. Luckily, the Monsoon Tax System has made locating these properties easy with the push of a button. Within the Map Options of each property in Monsoon lies a special overlay called Luke Air Force Base Noise. Selecting this option will generate a colored map overlay that defines the three zones of decibel levels surrounding the Luke Air Force Base.

Take a look at the city of Surprise Luke Air Force Base notification map here.

The Sun City Municipal Code once contained provisions requiring Realtors to carry a copy of the Luke Air Force noise contour map at all times. This is no longer in effect. Updated on 12/5/19.