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ShowingTime will no longer be a subscriber benefit on 12/27/23.


Important Things You Need to Know

In December 2023, the contract between ARMLS and ShowingTime will come to an end. Here are some important things you needs to know:

  • The last day to enter a new listing using ShowingTime as the showing service is 12/12/23. This is in preparation for the removal of ShowingTime integrations.
  • On 12/27/23, we will be removing all ShowingTime integrations in Flexmls. If you have a current listing at that time with ShowingTime selected as the showing service, those listings will need to be updated. Don’t worry we will send you a reminder email.


Why is ARMLS removing Flexmls integrations with ShowingTime?

In December 2023, the contract with ARMLS and ShowingTime as a subscriber benefit will come to an end. ARMLS has made a new showing service available as a subscriber benefit.

When will the ShowingTime benefit no longer be available?

On 12/27/23, ShowingTime will no longer be an ARMLS subscriber benefit. On 12/13, any new listings added will no longer be able to select ShowingTime as their showing service. A new value “Non-MLS showing service – see private remarks” will be added as an option.

Can I switch between showing systems in Flexmls?

Yes, however, on December 13, ShowingTime will no longer be available in showing instructions an option.

Why is ARMLS running multiple showing services at the same time?

ARMLS aims to give subscribers ample time to learn the new system and prepare, therefore the systems have been running in parallel.

Can I/my company or brokerage keep using ShowingTime?

If an agent or company desires to continue to utilize ShowingTime as their showing system, the agent/company/brokerage will need to contact ShowingTime directly to explore their options.

What happens to my current listings where I have selected ShowingTime as the showing service?

Agents with current listings will be prompted by the system to update their listings with new showing instructions.

How will we know if we need to change showing services?

On 12/27/23, we will send you an email reminder that the integration has ended if you have a listing using ShowingTime.

Are all showing systems the same?

There is no industry standard for showing services, therefore features will vary.