Contact us to switch to API today.


If you are still using your RETS feed we will be contacting you to inform you of when we will be ending your feed.

If you need an extension you MUST contact us immediately and request a contract extension agreement –



A drawback of using RETS is that it requires a complete download of the entire MLS database onto local servers and updates as needed. This requires a lot of time and even more server space. The APIs support live queries, allowing users to request data from our APIs in real-time and pass the response straight through to their website or app’s user.


It is easier to integrate with third-party applications with minimized coding requirements. RETS field names are not human-readable and apply only to one MLS, but the APIs offer a greater level of standardization.


The use of API gives MLSs and MLS participants/subscribers the same technology already being used by other real estate technology firms.


When do I need to complete the transfer from RETS to API? Am I going to lose my current RETS feed?

You will need to have completed the changeover to API by 12/15/2023.

All feeds that are currently setup as RETS will continue to work until the fore-mentioned date. Once you have completed the transfer to API however, your RETS feed will then be terminated.

I don’t see an option to submit the form. Am I not able to?

Slots open up all the time. Check back occasionally to see if there are more available. You can always contact the team directly at

How long will the process take to transition from RETS to API?

Typically, it should take 10 Business Days to complete. Your technical contact would be able to give you a more accurate estimate.

How do I know if I am using RETS or API?

Your technical contact should know what type of feed you have. Otherwise, you can always reach out to or, or call 480-894-4006 for information.

Who do I contact if I have any more technical questions about API usage?

You can reach out to for more technical information regarding API usage.

When can I upgrade to API from RETS?

You can upgrade at any time. Please schedule an appointment above to get started today! The deadline to make the switch is 12/15/23. Please reach out to or call 480-894-4006 for more information about switching over.

Will I have to submit a new request to switch to API? Is additional paperwork?

Yes, you will need to make a new request. Please reach out to or call 480-894-4006 for more information about switching over. No, there is no additional paperwork.

Is the process of getting a new data feed changing?

No, you will still visit to start the application process.

Where can I find more information about Web API?

Why can't I find ARMLS in the Spark Datamart?

ARMLS does not use the Spark Datamart so you will not see ARMLS as an option. ARMLS issues API keys directly to the developers, please fill out the form above to begin your transition request.