A new admin policy is now live in the MLS. This change will help modernize ARMLS and protect the data. If your brokerage has any Admin logins or plans to acquire them, the new admin policy will require action (read policy 7.4 here). This Board of Directors approved policy has been rolled out.

Important Changes:

  • All Admin IDs will now be $65 per rolling 90-day quarter and there will no longer be free Admin logins.
  • Since we are now charged per ID by our vendor, we must now charge for all IDs.
  • All old admin IDs will be de-activated on 1/7/2019. All brokers must re-apply for the admins they wish to keep.
  • All admins will receive new usernames and passwords.
  • The old days of scanning paperwork are gone. We’re building a tool in ATLAS where brokers can add admins, drop admins, pay for admins and give agents in their office admin/super-user capabilities without the need for paperwork.

Why Make These Changes? 

  • To modernize the way admins are administered
  • To update our policy to local and national standards
  • To stop abuse of the system

To apply for an admin, a broker can visit

To give a current subscriber admin-permissions –  a broker can visit