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CurbView Tax is the next generation of public records and tax software developed by ARMLS for subscribers. CurbView Tax combines public records information from the county assessor, recorder, and treasurer and puts it into a clean and modern interface for subscribers and their clients. CurbView has a focus on simplicity and is part of the CurbView platform.

You can access CurbView Tax in three ways: in Flexmls on a listing’s Detail report, going straight to or downloading the mobile app.


CurbView tax report screenshot

CurbView is an exciting new property-centric product developed by ARMLS, focusing on client collaboration. CurbView is an in-development real estate platform to support the listings, public records and client collaboration efforts of ARMLS subscribers. CurbView uniquely combines listings and parcel information to make searching and marketing listings easier with a complete property display.



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What is the difference between CurbView and CurbView Tax?

CurbView Tax is just a part of the greater CurbView platform. CurbView is an exciting new property-centric product developed by ARMLS with a focus on client collaboration. Think of it as a client portal focused on your network of clients. CurbView gives you a complete picture of the market by displaying tax and listing data in one place – on desktop or mobile app.

How is CurbView Tax different from Monsoon?

CurbView Tax is similar to Monsoon in many aspects.  CurbView Tax uses the same data source as Monsoon but using modern technology.

Is CurbView Tax replacing Monsoon?

CurbView Tax is not replacing Monsoon, but we think CurbView Tax is the system agents will prefer long term.

Is CurbView Tax complete?

CurbView Tax is still in development.  We have provided an early release to ARMLS subscribers to solicit feedback.  We encourage you to try CurbView and use the Feedback link to tell us your thoughts.

Is there a cost for using CurbView Tax?

CurbView Tax is available as a part of your existing ARMLS subscription. There are no additional fees to use CurbView Tax.

Is there a mobile app?

CurbView, including the CurbView Tax functionality, is available as a stand-alone mobile app in the Apple and Android app stores.

What property types are available in CurbView?

CurbView is showing Residential, Residential Rentals, and Land and Lot property types. Additional property types will be added in the future.

I am not seeing all listings unless I log in. Is it broken?

There are three ways to view listings in CurbView. The public view is of listings brokers having sent via Flexmls. The client view shows you IDX listings if you were invited to CurbView by an agent. The Agent view shows you all listings.

How do I submit feedback?

You can submit your feedback directly in CurbView by clicking FEEDBACK in the navigation bar. We ask that all feedback be submitted in this manner.

How will my feedback be used?

Your feedback will be used to improve the CurbView product. It may be used to improve other ARMLS products as well. Your personal information will not be shared outside of ARMLS.

Will someone be contacting me?

Based on your feedback, someone may need to speak with you to get more details. If this is the case, we will reach out and set a time that works for you.

How do I get more involved in ARMLS projects?

If you would like to get more involved with things happening at ARMLS, visit our website at