The recent breaking news story about the purchase of ShowingTime by Zillow Group has generated concerns from our subscribers. ARMLS can ensure you that your client data, showing data and requests are secure and are not available for use by Zillow’s real estate brokerage. Subscribers should know that nothing has changed, as the purchase has been announced but has not yet taken place.

Where we stand today
If this pending transaction moves forward, ARMLS vendor agreements prohibit any use of data outside of the narrow focus of conducting showings. Furthermore, Zillow has indicated the databases will remain independent and that ShowingTime will be operated as a separate platform as contractually obligated.

What we are doing next
We have received feedback from our subscribers as well as the conversations happening on social media. We are committed to providing solutions that are in the best interests of our subscribers, so please keep the feedback coming. We are listening. ARMLS CEO Matt Consalvo, ARMLS staff and the ARMLS Board of Directors will continue to evaluate your concerns and the situation.