This post is part of our series focusing on subscriber feedback from our Fall 2020 Subscriber Satisfaction Survey. We welcome comments and questions any time.

The “Delayed” listing status was replaced by “Coming Soon” in April 2020. This enhanced status satisfies the Clear Cooperation submission requirement.

Based on comments from our recent survey, there are still some questions about the change. So let’s clear it all up…

What is the purpose of the Coming Soon status?

Coming Soon is designed to build agent-to-agent buzz before the property is active. It’s also helpful in situations where the owner is not yet ready for their property to be widely publicized.

How does Coming Soon differ from Active?

One main difference is Coming Soon listings do not appear in IDX feeds or on syndicators such as They are visible to MLS subscribers and can be sent to clients via email or the Flexmls portal. They can also be included in subscriptions. Showings are permitted at the discretion of the seller, like all statuses.

How long can a property be listed as Coming Soon?

A listing can remain in the MLS under this status for up to 30 days. It will automatically switch to Active on the 31st day and will not be able to go back to Coming Soon. The Listing/Co-Listing Agent can manually switch the listing status to Active at any time prior to then. A property may only be in Coming Soon status for 30 of every 45 calendar days, even if it is relisted. Be careful when changing a Coming Soon listing to Active, because it cannot be changed back if done too soon.

What listing field counts the 30 days a listing can be in Coming Soon status?

The 30 days a listing can remain in Coming Soon status is determined by the date entered in the List Date field.

Can a listing be in Coming Soon for less than 30 days?

Yes. The timeframe can be set for less than 30 days. If you’re unsure of how long a property will need to be in Coming Soon, it’s best to choose 30 days to start with. The listing can be easily changed from Coming Soon to Active in Flexmls when you’re ready.

Do these listings have banners?

They will be marked New Listing for the first 72 hours. When switched to Active, they display a New Listing banner once again for an additional 72 hours unless there’s a status or price change prior to that.

What about Days on Market?

Good question! Days on Market (DOM) does not accumulate. DOM will start the first day the listing is Active.

Can changes be made to Coming Soon listings?

Certainly! You can change the price, photos and other details same as you would Active listings.

Are photos required for Coming Soon listings?

Photos are not required while in this status. At least one front exterior photo must be added within four days of changing to Active.

I thought pocket listings are in violation of the Clear Cooperation policy.

Coming Soon listings are not pocket listings. You can read about the differences here.

What else do I need to know about Coming Soon?

You should also note that there must be a Listing Agreement. Cooperation and compensation are also required, just like with Active listings.

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