There are three types of Monsoon searches: tax, MLS and foreclosure. So which Monsoon search should you run? Let’s explore each.

screenshoScrennshot of Monsoon search fields

Tax Search

Are you looking to reach investor clients or wanting to contact homeowners who might be in a good position to sell? Performing a tax search is a great way to find prospective clients or to learn more about the sales history of a particular area. There are dozens of filters to choose from that will help you find information that best suits your needs. You can customize the search template to fine tune your results even more.

MLS Search

While you can gain access to the MLS via Monsoon, it’s not quite as functional as searching Flexmls. However, it’s a great time saver if you need quick listing information and want to stay in one place. It’s also helpful if Flexmls is temporarily not functioning. Another benefit of using Monsoon to search the MLS is that it contains listings that are outside of ARMLS and might not be available through Flexmls.

Foreclosure Search

The primary reasons for doing a foreclosure search are to find properties that are available to bid on at auction or to find homeowners who have recently defaulted and might be in a position to sell before their auction date. Just like with the tax and MLS searches, you can apply filters to obtain results that best match your needs.

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