Sending and receiving email illustration

Not getting all your emails from Flexmls? Your email provider could be to blame. Email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, MSN and others will stop showing you emails they think you won’t like. To make sure all of your emails make it through, add these four email addresses as “Contacts” in your email account address book:


Why Does This Happen?

In most cases, your email provider tries to clean up your inbox by monitoring which emails you open and which ones you don’t. If enough emails from the same sender aren’t opened (or deleted without being opened), your email provider may begin directing those emails to your junk folder and/or “bounce” them back to the sender so they never reach your account. This is called suppression.

How Can I Fix Suppression?

Give a call into our Helpdesk at 480-921-7777, where we can verify if suppression is occurring and reactivate your emails.

How Can I Prevent Suppression? 

Adding the four Flexmls email addresses to your contacts is the best way to make sure you get your messages. Another proactive step is to ensure you open your Flexmls emails. This will prevent your email provider from registering these communications as spam. If you’re getting too many emails from Flexmls, you can edit your account settings in Flexmls.

Written by Madison G from ARMLS
Madison has been part of the ARMLS family since 2015. As the Content Editor, she brings an extensive background in writing, editing, communication and punnery.