We’re off to a hot start in 2019! And it’s only going to get better. Here are 5 new and exciting additions coming to ARMLS this year.

Text Message Alerts
By signing up for Text Message Alerts, you’ll be immediately notified of important announcements.

New Listings Online Course
Having trouble uploading your listing? Keep an eye out for our new Listings Online Course to learn shortcuts, tips, tricks and best practices.

New MLS Jump Start
JumpStart  is an exciting MLS class for new subscribers that will be offered once per quarter. This class will help to launch you in your new real estate career.

Better Showing Instructions
Showing Instructions will be updated for easier use and understanding.

We’re developing a new in-house mobile solution that features client collaboration tools, faster MLS searches and a new way to display comps. Nighthawk is a code-name for the yet-to-be-named mobile app.

To read more on what’s coming, check out the ARMLS Roadmap located in ATLAS.