Do you know why it’s so important to only disclose property access information in the designated Property Access fields when adding a listing to Flexmls? It’s to protect the security of the home.

There are currently over 2.5 million listings that are searchable in our MLS. That’s because our data goes back to the year 2000, even for listings that are taken off the market.

Property Access Fields

There are 4 fields in the Property Access area:

  1. Alarm Code
  2. Gate Code
  3. Mech-box Code
  4. Other Code

That is the only place those pieces of information should ever appear in the listing. Adding it anywhere else, even in private remarks, is a violation that can lead to a fine. The reason for this is because the data in those fields will be automatically be purged 30 days after the listing is closed, expired or canceled. All other listing details will remain and can be seen by those who have MLS access.

There are other sensitive fields such as private remarks and owner information that are categorized as DND2 (Do Not Display or Disclose), but can be viewed in Flexmls indefinitely, which is why property access information isn’t allowed there. Photos also remain for the lifetime of the listing, but you can remove them before taking the property off market as long as you keep one exterior photo.

Take our online ARMLS Rules or Adding a Listing course for more tips that can help you avoid violations.