Flexmls has a few different searches you can use to find exactly what you want. You’re probably familiar with the quick search, our most popular search option, but have you ever used the address search?

Why Use an Address Search?

One reason to use the address search is to find a specific address in the system (although it is actually easier to just use the quick launch bar for this purpose). If that address if in the MLS, it will populate for you.

*Remember not all addresses will be in the MLS. Only if they have been listed since the year 2000.

But the best use of the address search is to help you find a range of house numbers i.e. 1300 to 1400 W Glendale Ave. or 735 to 785 N. Rural Rd. This is great if your client wants to live in a particular area or a certain street.

Performing an Address Search

To do an address search, go to your Flexmls menu and select Address Search.


screen shot of Flexmls search menu

That will bring you to this screen where you can enter your street ranges and name.

Finally click Search to view your results. It’s that easy.


For more on searching, check out our online searching and mapping course.