According to a 2017 survey by AMLI84% of urban dwellers agree that living in sustainable/green homes is important to them. In addition, the vast majority (85%) of those surveyed believe that living in sustainable/green homes is beneficial to their health.

The most highly valued green features includes:

  • a smoke-free community (94%)
  • energy- and water-efficient features (93%)
  • access to public transit/strong walk and bike scores (85%)

Additionally, most of those surveyed (77%) agreed that green living features have saved them money on utility costs. And a majority (64%) also agreed that they would pay slightly more to live in a green community!

Flexmls offers more than 20 green fields you can use in your search, including energy efficient features and proximity to public transport. To get started, type Green into the Add a field to the search box and select the fields you want.

screenshot of green fields search in flexmls

If you’re unsure of where to start, we’ve broken down the top green features most searched for in Flexmls.