Flexmls has some ambiguous fields. It’s easy to start to second-guessing which one you should select or question how to use it.

The best rule of thumb is to add additional explanation for important features in the Public Remarks section (or Supplemental Remarks if you need more room). But first, let’s see if we can clear up some of these ambiguous fields.


If the property is a single family home, it’s safe to assume the elevator is inside the house. If the property is a high rise or apartment community, the elevator would most likely be a community elevator. If any additional information needs to be added about the elevator or use of it, you can select the field Other (See Remarks) and add that information the Public Remarks.

Solar Panels

The solar panels field lets you select if the panels are Leased or Owned. But what if the panels are being financed? If a property you’re selling is making payments on solar panels, you might want to specify that in the Public Remarks, as well as include cost and how financing will transfer to the new owner.


A full bathroom typically consist of four things: toilet, sink, shower and bathtub (shower and bathtub could be a combo). A half bath or powder room will typically have a toilet and a sink where a 3/4 bath will have the addition of a shower just note the ARMLS does not have an official definition.


Irrigation is a blanket term used in the Landscaping field. There’s Irrigation Front and Irrigation Back, but that doesn’t explain the type of irrigation. Irrigation can come in multiple forms such as a drip system, sprinklers or flood irrigation. Specifying the type of irrigation in the addition details section can help a buyer make the best decision possible on buying a home.