AMLS online classes are self-paced and allow for the most flexibility while still giving you all the same great information from a traditional in-person class.  Here are the top 5 reasons to give self-paced learning a try.

1. Pants Are Optional 

One perk about a career in real estate is the freedom and flexibility to decide your schedule. So take an online class when you like.

2. No Time Constraints

In-person classes can fill up, which means you might have to wait until the following month to get into the class you need. Online classes are always available, 24/7 with no waitlist!

3. Become More Tech Savvy 

Not only are you learning new software, but you get to do it from your own computer which makes everyone feel a little more tech savvy. There’s no software to download to use our online classes but you will need to login to Flexmls.

4. Have a Point of Reference

When learning something new it’s hard to balance taking notes, following the teacher and completing the task at hand, but self-paced learning gives you the option to return and watch small portions over and over until you get it.

5. More Topics

The nature of online classes allow for more topics than can be taught in person.

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