Going out of town and need a colleague to manage your clients while you’re away? Or maybe you’re part of a team and need to share contacts. Whatever your reason, Flexmls allows you to transfer contacts to any another ARMLS subscriber who is within the same office.

Transferring a Contact

Begin by clicking the Menu button then select Contact Management. Contact Management will display a sorted list of all your added contacts.  Select the contact that you wish to transfer.

After selecting the contact, choose the Transfer button at the very bottom of the details page.

You can enter the receiving agent’s name or Agent ID (make sure the spelling is correct). The box will automatically display the agent for you to select. Choose the agent’s name from the results, then click the Transfer button.

It is extremely important to know that once a contact is transferred, they will lose all previous subscriptions and access to your portal. A transferred contact will only keep existing saved searches and stored contact information. All subscriptions and portal access will need to be set up again through the new agent.

Learn how to do this and more by taking our online Portals and Subscriptions class.