The Monsoon Tax System is the software used to look up owner information, deed history, loan information and, obviously, the taxes. But Monsoon does so much more than that!

Here are the top 5 things you didn’t know you could do in Monsoon.

Use Map Feature to Find the Number of Houses in a Community

You can use the Map Feature to see how many houses are in a community by drawing a Polygon on the map. Select and draw with the Polygon, then click Search. A results count will display in the top right.

monsoon map


Search for Owner State List with Owner Intended Use 

In the Tax Tab, you have the ability to add fields to your search. Owner Intended Use is one of them. This field allows you to select properties that are Rentals or Secondary Residences (such as snowbirds, owners of rentals etc).

owner intented use screenshot


Search for Specific Types of Properties

You’ll be surprised as to how many types of Property Uses there are (ex: storage units). By clicking in the field, all Property Uses will appear.

property use field


Print Mailing Labels

After performing a search, you can print mailing labels by clicking the Labels button. After clicking on Labels, you’ll be able to choose between the property and the mailing address.

mailing label screen shot


Look Up Flood Zone Information

The flood information will be located at the bottom of the tax report. By clicking on the FloodSmart link, you’ll be able to identify if the property is located in a flood zone.

flood zone info

You can learn more about the Monsoon Tax System by watching the Online Monsoon Class.