The ARMLS Support Center was contacted via phone or online chat over 100,000 times in 2018! That’s in addition to all the emails we’ve received and the help provided in person at our five support centers.

We pay attention to what our subscribers are saying and often use your questions as inspiration for blog topics. Here are the 5 most popular topics that came up.


Lockboxes and lockbox keys were clearly the hot topics of 2018. Dozens of calls came in each day about selling back a used lockbox, SUPRA billing, eKEY authorization codes, fixing a lockbox jam and more.

Listing Status

Listing status was another hot topic, mostly due to Delayed status being added to Flexmls. But we also got a lot of questions about listing status rules and how to make status changes.

Listing Broker/Co-Lister

A close third was making changes to listing broker or adding a co-lister. While adding a co-lister can be easily done in Flexmls, you’ll need to contact your association for a brokerage change. Keep in mind that co-listers will not be able to make any changes to the listing in Flexmls.


Lots of you want to give us money or get money refunded. We’ll gladly help you pay for an ARMLS subscription or SUPRA products, but can’t collect association dues. Contact your association directly to pay dues or to change your agent status to inactive, which will cancel your ARMLS membership. ARMLS does not give refunds for canceled subscriptions. You can also pay ARMLS via Atlas. To become an ARMLS subscriber, you first have to join a local association.


The ARMLS Support Center gets a lot of questions about IDX. Flexmls offers the option to syndicate listings, but the listing broker usually controls whether or not to allow it. ARMLS is unable to add an IDX feed to your website.


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