This post is part of our series focusing on the feedback we received from our Fall 2019 Subscriber Satisfaction Survey. We value the opinions of our subscribers and welcome comments and questions any time. Read other posts in this series here

“Bring back zipForms!”

“You need to provide more TransacionDesk training.”

“Not sure why zipForms went away and we now have TransactionDesk. How long until you make more changes?”

The changeover to TransactionDesk was a hot topic of our fall 2019 Subscriber Satisfaction Survey. We hear you and we understand that change can be difficult. Many of you are still questioning the transition from zipForms and are seeking training opportunities.

Unlike Flexmls, Monsoon and other products provided through ARMLS, we don’t have any involvement with TransactionDesk aside from making the link available on our platform for your convenience. The same applies to zipForms. AAR can answer all of your TransactionDesk questions at 800-668-8768. You can also check out the AAR website for training, webinars and FAQs.

Our post from the Spring 2019 Subscriber Satisfaction Series provides more information about getting help with TransactionDesk. We wish you continued success and are happy to help point you in the right direction!