This post is part of our series focusing on the feedback we received from our Spring 2019 Subscriber Satisfaction Survey. We value the opinions of our subscribers and welcome comments and questions any time. Read other posts in this series here.

A comment from our survey said: “ARMLS is too focused on RAPAC, I am extremely upset with the political money spent on (name removed) for (political office removed).”

The short answer: that wasn’t us. Real estate professionals subscribe to a variety of services and are often members of several organizations that each provide unique benefits and have their own fees or dues. It’s easy to confuse ARMLS with one of the local associations, AAR or NAR. While those organizations might align themselves with political candidates and lobby for causes on your behalf, ARMLS does not take on that role in any way.

Your subscriber fees cover the costs of the products we provide for you. You are not asked to contribute to politics when you pay us nor are funds allocated to supporting anything of a political nature. Our Who Do I Contact?  page can come in handy when you have questions about specific topics and are not sure who to contact.