This post is part of our series focusing on the feedback we received from our Fall 2019 Subscriber Satisfaction Survey. We value the opinions of our subscribers and welcome comments and questions any time. Read other posts in this series here

“Why do you make us pay our dues in January when we have so many other bills?”

“I never get invoices from ARMLS.”

“Your billing is confusing.”

We understand there are many costs/fees/dues that real estate professionals are faced with throughout the year. Many survey comments were about our fees and billing process, so let’s address that now. We want to make this as painless for you as possible!

As an ARMLS subscriber you pay a subscription fee (not dues) for the products and services you receive. The notion that you us pay dues is an understandable mistake, since associations have dues that need to be paid in the beginning of each calendar year. In fact, most of the subscribers who call us in January about billing are calling about their association dues.

By contrast, since ARMLS subscriptions are for 365 days and are not pro-rated, not every ARMLS subscriber has the same billing date. Our current pricing is $395 per year for our MLS Pro subscription. More information about billing, including helpful FAQs, can be found at

Keep in mind that SUPRA lockboxes and keys are paid for separately.

If you ever forget when your next ARMLS billing date is, check your ATLAS account or call 480-921-7777. Questions about association dues can be answered by contacting them directly.