Picture this scenario: You’ve got eight showings this weekend in multiple cities around the Valley. How do you know which route is the most efficient to save time and avoid backtracking? SmartRoute by ShowingTime is a Google-powered algorithm that takes the locations in your ShowingCart and puts them in the smartest order, thus taking your driving directions to new heights.

SmartRoute takes Driving Directions a step further by rearranging the properties you’ve added to your ShowingCart based on the route that is deemed the most logical, factoring in driving times and distance. Think of all the time you could save!

Create Your SmartRoute

To begin, select the property in Flexmls you wish to add to your ShowingCart. Click on the ShowingTime icon for the property, then select Add to ShowingCart. Choose the date of the showing, then name your ShowingCart to continue.

Screenshot of the Add to Showingcart option


When you schedule your next showing, you’ll have the option of selecting the newly created ShowingCart from the Schedule a Showing screen.

Screenshot of the Tour Selection Screen


Once you have multiple properties added, you can begin your sorting process. The SmartRoute directions will generate based off whatever property is in the first slot. You can either manually change the numbers on the left or drag and drop the property you want in the first slot.  Once you know which property will be first, the rest is as easy as a click of a button. Select the Smart Route button at the bottom to auto-magically create a logical route.

Screenshot of the SmartRoute button


Once the algorithm has processed, you can begin requesting appointment times that correlate with the newly sorted order of your showings. Each property will list the mileage and estimated drive time under the Pick a Time option. You can utilize this to your advantage by properly planning showings that won’t have you stressing the traffic.