The short answer is yes! However, there are some restrictions. Let’s unpack this.

While the listing is still in Delayed status, ShowingTime may be used to schedule listings on or after the On Market Date. However, showings cannot be scheduled for any days when the listing is in Delayed status. ShowingTime will integrate a Delayed status listing’s On Market Date so that appointments can only be scheduled on days after the listing has become Active.

FAQs about ShowingTime and Delayed Status

Q: Can I scheduled showings before the On Market Date?

A: No. Appointments cannot be scheduled for dates prior to the On Market Date.


Q: As the listing agent, say I make the listing Active before the scheduled On Market Date. Will other agents be able to schedule showings immediately or would they still have to wait until the original On Market Date?

A: When you make the listing Active, other agents will immediately be able to schedule showings. They will not have to wait until the original On Market Date has passed.


Q: As the listing agent, if I email Data Integrity to have the On Market Date changed to be sooner or extended (but not beyond 14 days), will ShowingTime take into account that new On Market Date?

A: ShowingTime will automatically receive the new On Market Date. However, appointments made within the old time frame will not be updated automatically. Any appointments needing to be cancelled will have to be manually cancelled by the listing agent.

Example Scenario 

A listing agent adds a Delayed status lisiting on February 1. She sets the On Market Date to February 7. A buyer’s agent sees the Delayed listing in Flexmls and uses ShowingTime to schedule a showing on February 8, because the listing is expected be Active by that date.

However, the seller and the listing agent determine they need another week to prepare the property for showings. The listing agent emails Data Integrity to request that they extend the On Market Date to February 12. Data Integrity makes this change, because it still falls within the maximum 14-day window that a listing can remain in Delayed status.

This doesn’t automatically cancel the February 8 appointment scheduled in ShowingTime. In such a case, it will be the listing agent’s responsibility to communicate to any buyer’s agents that the On Market Date has been extended and to reschedule any showings that fall before the new On Market Date.

Want More Info?

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