The answer to “Should I Contact ARMLS” depends on what you need help with. In our recent Top 5 Reasons to Contact Support blog post, we outlined some of the most common reasons to contact ARMLS. Do you know when it’s best to NOT contact ARMLS? Take this quiz and see for yourself!

I am looking for CE (Continuing Education) credit classes.

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ARMLS classes do not count for CE credit. Contact your local association for anything related to CE.

I accidentally broke one of the rules when adding my listing to Flexmls and want to self-report.

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Absolutely contact ARMLS! The quickest way is to use the Report an Error button on the listing in Flexmls. Best thing is you won't be penalized for violations that are self-reported.

I need help with Transaction Desk.

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Transaction Desk is not an ARMLS product. You should contact AAR with questions or visit there website.

I'd like to update my contact information.

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Your association needs your most up-to-date contact information and will pass it along to ARMLS.

I'm having problems using ShowingTime.

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ShowingTime is part of your MLS Pro subscription and we are happy to offer support.

I'm doing a CMA and need help finding comparable properties (comps) and adjusting values.

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The best place to go for these types of questions is your broker.

I've noticed some incorrect tax information in Monsoon.

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Monsoon is an ARMLS product and we value the integrity of the data.

Should I Contact ARMLS?
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