Have you ever drawn a shape within the Flexmls map and been disappointed when not a single property shows up within the borders that you drew? Fear not. There are two explanations for why your shape might be blank.

1. There are Over 1,000 Available Listings

If you don’t see any listings appear when planting a shape, the first thing you should check is the View Results number located at the top left of your map. If the number is 1,000 or above, you’ll need to start filling in your search criteria to knock that number down. As soon as it’s below 1,000, the listings will begin to appear on your map.

 Shape drawn on Flexmls map

2. Your Area Doesn’t Have Any Listings Available

It’s not a glitch and it’s not a discrepancy. Sometimes the area you are trying to find listings in just doesn’t have any available properties at that time, whether you begin with the shape tool, then modify your search criteria or vice versa. If you don’t want to manually check for new listings in a specific area, you can set yourself up on a subscription.

Rectangle drawn on Flexmls map