Having trouble getting your detail report to print on one page? Save frustration and trees with a simple change to your printer settings.

Printer Settings for Internet Explorer

Start by clicking on the settings button in your browser, selecting Print then Page Setup. You should see a popup window similar to this.

screenshot of printer settings page

screenshot of printer settings page

Check the box titled “Enable Shrink-to-Fit” and change all four of the margins to zero. By changing them to zero they will automatically default to the lowest allowable setting. Finally, make sure all of the Headers and Footers are Empty.

By modifying these printer settings, your Detail Reports should now print on one page in most cases.

Printer Settings for Firefox

In the upper right hand corner of Firefox will be the Menu. Click on the Menu and click on Print, then click Page Set Up. Make sure you choose the option Shrink To Fit Page Width, and then click on the Margins & Header Footer tab. Change all of the margins to 0.25 and change all of the headers and footers to read empty.

Now your detail reports should print on one page.