Flexmls offers two ways to keep your clients informed when new listings become available: a subscription or a portal. They can be used separately or together, depending on the needs of the client.

If you’re new to subscriptions and portals, take our subscriptions and portals online course. It’s broken down into easy to follow sections. And best of all, it’s free!

If you think you know the difference, take our quiz and to see if you can guess which feature is found in a subscription, a portal or both!

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The user has their own account and password that allows them to view listings matching their search criteria any time.

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Portals require a user to set up an account. Subscriptions automatically send emails containing listings matching search criteria.

You first have to assign a saved search (or searches) to a client and then can set this up for them.

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The first step in setting up a subscription or a portal is to assign a search to the contact.

Enables your client to do their own property search in Flexmls.

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Clients can perform searches in their Flexmls portal but will not be able to save them.

Your clients will be notified by email only when there are new listings matching their search criteria or if listings matching their search criteria have price/status changes.

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If there is no new activity on a particular day, no subscription email will be sent.

Includes features that allow the client to contact you directly about a specific property.

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Subscriptions and portals both provide easy ways for client to contact you.

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