Is it ever OK to Photoshop a listing picture that will appear in the MLS?

Yes, to some extent. A little Photoshop can clean up your images and help your listing stand out. But when altering your photos, it’s important that they remain accurate and factual. For example, if the outside trash bin makes a cameo in one of your pictures, you can digitally remove it since it’s not an attached structure and can easily be relocated. However, if your images feature unsightly power lines, removing them would not be OK because it would be deceiving to erase something that can’t be removed. We’ve put together some common Photoshop questions to help you understand when it’s OK to edit and when au natural is best.


Photoshop Dos and Don'ts

Ready to test your Photoshop smarts? Let’s get started! 

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To learn more about media violations you can watch the ARMLS Rules Online Course.