Our mild winters bring more than just snowbirds and out-of-town guests. You may be unknowingly playing host to some creepy and crawly unwanted visitors, particularly scorpions. When temperatures drop at night, scorpions are known to seek warmth in your home. And since they can go long stretches without eating, they can camp out in your walls, attic or even your shoes for quite a while. Here are some preventative measures you can take to keep these unwanted visitors at bay.


Man caulking door with caulk gun

Scorpions can make their way through a crack the size of a credit card. Use caulk to fill in holes and cracks in your walls, baseboards and the foundation of your home.


man sealing window with sealant tape

Make sure your doors and windows close tightly and the screens are sealed so scorpions can’t climb in.


pile of firewood outside on grass

Remove any piles of firewood or store them far away from your house.


pruning roses with sheers

Make sure all trees and bushes near your home are trimmed.


garden hose releasing water in a puddle

Eliminate all excess moisture, which includes puddles and standing water. Getting in this habit can help keep these pests away now and deter mosquitoes in the spring.