NHS Pro Search Screen

There has been great concern over the New Home Search Pro product in our MLS. Some Subscribers have said that NHS Pro is giving builders the names and contact information of their clients when they send information through the NHS Pro application. Rest easy, this isn’t happening!

There are two workflows when you send information out of NHS Pro:

1. When you, as a Subscriber, send information to your own email account which is tied to Flexmls, you receive a client-friendly report AND the builder is sent your email address. This is done so the builder can establish a relationship with you. Builders have poorly understood these emails and treated them as consumer leads instead of agent introductions. For example:

“Dear James,
Thank you for your interest in _______ in Buckeye. My name is _____________, home consultant at ________ Homes. Of course, I’m happy to help you out any way I can. To help with your home search and find the right home for you, it will be helpful to know the answers to a few questions. If you don’t mind, please take a quick moment and answer these questions about your new home needs………..”

This is where the trouble begins, as Subscribers test the product before using it with clients, not knowing that what they receive is different than what a consumer receives out of the application because the system detects if your email is an agent-email regardless of where you request info from in the application. This leads us to why Subscribers are saying NHS Pro emails their clients. This has been the case in all our tests and Subscriber complaints we investigated.

With builders sending agents lead-like welcome emails and the fact that agents create fake client accounts but use their real agent emails – it’s no surprise there is confusion.


2. When you send information to a client, the client receives a client-friendly report which is careful not to direct a contact away from you. They receive nothing else, their information is not given to the builder.

What is ARMLS doing about it?

We are working with NHS Pro to ensure builders stop treating agent introductions as leads, it’s confusing! We have been successful in this already with some builders. For example, here is a message from a builder who has recently corrected the message they are sending to agents:

“Hey James!

As I was reviewing your information request, I noticed that you are a fellow realtor.  My name is ________, and I am the New Home Specialist for the Greater Phoenix Area.  My position here at ________ Homes is to be the source of information for all of our communities, rather than just one particular neighborhood.  With that in mind, I have just a few brief questions that will help me serve you best!”