Searching the Shiran MLS

Searching the Shiran MLS

In the United States there are hundreds of MLSs, a vast fragmented landscape. How does the rest of the world list property for sale online? Today, we’re taking you on a grande tour.

Canada (National) – CREA is Canada’s national MLS, yes national. They have more than 100,000 members over 100+ boards. Unlike in the U.S., the term “MLS” is a trademark in Canada as it pertains to real estate. CREA doesn’t have one MLS platform but many which vary by member board. For example, in Quebec they use the Centris platform.

Philippines (National) – RPMLX operated by the Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards (PAREB) has 61-member boards but just 3,600 members – that’s a mere 59 members per board. RPMLX uses it’s own homegrown MLS system and a platform called “MLS2005”. Founded in 1953.

Czech Republic (National coverage, international reach) – IMMO2 is a non-board/non-REALTOR® homegrown MLS system from the Czech Republic, though they are not limited by geography. Interestingly, they have online registration and membership terms of 3, 6 & 12 months with Basic and Standard level options.

Costa Rica (National) – CCCBR is operated by the Costa Rica Chamber of Real Estate Realtor Board and is the system authorized by the Costa Rican government. Founded in 1974.

Israel (regional) – Shiran is the Israeli Multiple Listing Service serving Jerusalem and surrounding areas. Interestingly, they have embraced public agency and agent ratings/rankings. Founded in 1990.