Have you heard about the XpressKEY? It’s the latest handheld key from Supra that is now being issued at ARMLS Support Centers for new subscribers or those who want to switch. The intuitive design of this device embodies all the functionality of its predecessor, the ActiveKEY and more. The XpressKEY has a host of new features, including:XpressKEY Image

  • A durable touch screen
  • Ergonomic design
  • A long-lasting battery that can be charged via a universal Micro USB
  • The ability to change your PIN code
  • A GPS locator embedded in the device that generates an End of Showing Report in SupraWEB
  • The potential to utilize the Keybox Assistant to automatically assign listings to keyboxes via GPS signal
  • A handy-dandy utility flashlight

Much like the ActiveKEY, the XpressKEY utilizes infrared technology to communicate with keyboxes. Unlike the old key, however, this new device will use 4G service to communicate with cellphone towers. This greatly increases the reliability of the key when it comes to downloading updates and uploading keybox data to the Supra network.

Proud owner of an XpressKEY?  Check out this quick guide to getting started!