The verdict is still out on the Amazon Key.

What is the Amazon Key?

The Amazon Key is a system that takes the place of a traditional lock and key.

The homeowner installs a smart deadbolt and camera that link to the Amazon Key app. The user can then grant access to others remotely from their phone. You can choose to give someone access once, on a reoccurring basis or indefinitely. This can make life easier if you’re trying to let a dog walker, maid, package delivery or even a potential buyer into your home. The Amazon Key features a recording device as well, so you can see who’s coming and going.

What does this mean for you?

Installing the entire setup (replacing your locks/setting up the camera/downloading the app) is a big upfront investment of time and money, much more than using a Supra lockbox. And unlike the eKey or ActiveKEY, the Amazon Key doesn’t have a verification system to let you know if the person requesting access is a fellow subscriber. We’re watching to see how the latest tech plays out. Will consumers want this in the future?