We’ve written extensively about CBS codes: how to find a CBS code, how to use a CBS code and why you might want to use them in an effort to educate subscribers. Still, some agents show up to lockboxes without knowing a CBS code is required and with no clue what to do next. Now, we’ve created something that listing agents can use out in the field to further CBS code education, a simple sticker.

Where can I get one?

They’re available at any ARMLS Support Center for free while supplies last.

Where can I put it?

Place it on the front or the side. Our sticker is vinyl so it won’t rip and the glue leaves no residue on the lockbox.

Front view and side view of sticker

Will the sticker end all CBS code problems?

No, but we expect that this inexpensive giveaway will ease the pain of some subscribers. We’ll still continue to bring you ongoing key system and showing instruction improvements.