Files in a Filing Cabinet

Maybe you’ve seen or heard this term but were unsure of its meaning. FWA simply means “Filed With ARMLS”. The official definition and rule can be found in section 1.17 of the Rules and Regulations and states:

“…the filing with or submission of information to ARMLS by a Subscriber, or the Subscriber’s authorized representative, for inclusion in the ARMLS Compilation. FWA may take on the tense required by usage, and may mean “file,” “filed,” or “filing” depending on context.”

FWA occurs when an ARMLS subscriber or an authorized representative, such as an assistant or transaction coordinator, files information into the Flexmls database. Some of the information that’s commonly filed with ARMLS could include: new listings, listing photos, status or price changes, and/or extending the listing expiration date. All of the information that you file with ARMLS will be included in ARMLS Compilation (the MLS detail sheet of your listing for example).