If you’ve ever clicked the menu button in Flexmls and been overwhelmed by the vast array of options that came up, you’re not alone. Flexmls is a huge database used by over a quarter of a million users in many different markets around the country. That means it has to work for +250k thousand different people. It’s safe to say that people handle their businesses differently, not only in other markets but in other offices right up the street.

This means there are probably some menu options that you may not use but once a year (or ever, for that matter). Then there are options you will use all the time. According to FBS, the company that owns Flexmls, the top five most clicked items in the menu are:

  1. Quick Search

  2. Saved Searches

  3. Address Search

  4. Contact Management

  5. Change Listing

So don’t get overwhelmed with all the menu options available in Flexmls. For help learning some of the most used menu items, check out our online courses on Searching and Mapping and Subscriptions and Portals.