As the real estate industry continues to navigate multiple lawsuits regarding the requirement of sellers (through the Listing Brokerage) to offer compensation to a buyer’s brokerage, it is more important than ever to talk to your Broker about the Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreements. 

This is Part II of a three-part series highlighting this Agreement.

Part II – Buyer Benefits

The Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement explains to your client, the benefits of having an agent working for them and who always has their best interests in mind.

Make sure to review the various and important roles you will play throughout the homebuying journey with your client, such as:

  • Sorting through all listings to share only listings which fit their needs and budget;
  • Arranging for private showings and gaining access to all listed properties of interest;
  • Negotiating and writing offers for purchase and sale;
  • Vetting and securing appraisers, inspectors and other repair services needed to close; and
  • Coordinating with the listing agent, lender and title company to ensure a smooth closing process.

The Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement gives your clients added assurance that you are partnering with them to obtain the home of their dreams.

See Part I.