Do you manually set up appointment settings for every new listing in ShowingTime from scratch? The bad news is you’ve been wasting time. The good news is you can customize your showing setting to default to the type of appointment you want for every listing.

Customizing the Default Appointment Mode

From the Home tab, click Edit Profile under the My Profile section of ShowingTime. There, you can choose between three options:

Go and Show- This gives agents permission to view the listing without getting prior approval from you. It’s common on vacant listings.

Appointment Required- An agent is required to make an appointment directly with you. This is the most common when the listing is occupied.

View Instructions Only- If you have specific instructions for the showing agent, you can include them here.

When you choose one of these options, it becomes your default setting. Anytime you upload a listing into Flexmls, it will automatically populate into ShowingTime and the showing instructions will be set to your default.

showingtime screenshot

You can also change the default appointment. Let’s say you have Appointment Required as your default setting, but you have a vacant listing that you’d like to change to Go and Show. In ShowingTime, click on Listing Set Up and select the listing you want to modify. Now you can select Go and Show for that particular listing.