Having trouble deleting recent and draft Flexmls searches? While a few clicks of your mouse will delete Flexmls searches, that’s not the case for Recent Searches and Draft Searches. Neither of those can be deleted manually. This isn’t meant to frustrate you! It’s actually designed to help you.

While you can’t actually delete Recent Searches, they won’t stay with you forever. Only the last five searches that you’ve accessed will be displayed. So each time you perform a new search, your list of recent searches will change. This prevents you from having to scroll through all your Saved Searches, which are listed alphabetically, to find ones you’re actively working on.

Screenshot ARMLS saved search


Draft Searches are searches that you’ve started but never saved. They remain in the draft stage to protect you from losing a search you’ve been working on in the event you forget to save it or have technology issues. Returning to a draft and saving it with a name will remove it from the list and add it to Saved Searches.

Screenshot Draft Searches

If you’re new to saving searches in Flexmls, watch our Saving Searches video for some quick tips.

Written by Michele from ARMLS
Michele has over five years of experience in the real estate industry, specializing in content creation and Realtor education. When not busy at work, she enjoys hiking, spending time with her two sons and long Sunday brunches.