Since introducing Delayed listing status in 2018, we’ve received many questions about it. Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions or watch our Delayed Status video for even more information.

Flexmls menu showing delayed status

Why/when would Delayed status be used?

This status is a great way to start marketing a listing that isn’t quite ready to be shown without accumulating days on market. This could be due to renovations still in progress or the homeowners having some other reason for not wanting showings yet.

Can I show a house in Delayed status?

No. Showings are not permitted, even by the listing agent.

How long does Delayed status last for?

It can be used for 14 days. The listing will automatically become Active on the 15th day and days on market will begin. You can make it Active sooner if you want. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to switch it back to Delayed status!

Can a listing be placed in Delayed status more than once? 

No, this status can only be used for up to 14 days one time for the life of a listing. Once it enters any other status, it cannot go back.

Is it possible to relist a property using the Delayed status? 

A property may be relisted as Delayed but 30 days must pass from the previous listing’s entry date (List Date). A new MLS number will be assigned, just like with any new listing.

Will Delayed listings be marked with a Banner in Flexmls ?

Yes! The listing will be marked Coming Soon for the first 72 hours. Once it becomes Active, it will display a New Listing banner for an additional 72 hours unless it changes to another status prior to that.

Do Zillow and other syndicators feature Delayed listings?

No, these listings do not get shared with syndicators.